Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Visit with Family!

So this is long overdue, but after my family left I had to recover for 3 weeks. Also, Don has been home since he had surgery and I was too busy hanging out with him.

So back on March 11th my sister Sarah from Germany arrived at our house with her two youngest girls, Samantha and Natalie. The next day my sister Megan arrived from Utah with her husband Ben and her two kids, Tafton and Mikaela. The next day my sister Jessica from North Carolina came with her family. I was so excited to have everyone come and we had such a good time. While the weather wasn't wonderful, we still managed to do what sisters do best, shop! I think my sister Sarah out shopped us all. She lives in Germany and really misses Target, Walmart, the Outlets, etc. I thinked she mailed 2 big boxes back full of stuff and had to buy another suitcase to fit the rest of her things in!

Sarah, Me, Jessica, Megan

Everyone arrived with one thing in common, their laptops! I thought this was a funny picture that everyone was on vacation but on their laptops.

On Sunday we headed to the train station in Cumberland. The train station seems to be the place we take people when they come to visit. It seems like we have taken this picture about 5 times, all with different combinations of kids/grandkids.

Katie and Samantha

Trey, Erik, Katie on top of the train



On Monday we headed to Slinky Action Zone in Altoona, Pa. It was a rainy day and it was the perfect get away. One funny thing to me, probably not for Ben Passey, was that I drove with Sarah and we were leading the way, followed by Ben driving my van and Jessica and Erik in the rear. We had the GPS set and we were getting so excited when we would shave off a minute to our arrival time. Does anyone else do that? Anyway, we weren't paying attention to how fast we were going, but we flew by a state trooper and thought for sure we were going to get pulled over. No we didn't, but Ben did, in my van! We were sort of laughing, sort of feeling bad. Erik said he was going 80 and couldn't catch up with us, oops! Sarah and I felt so bad that we ended up splitting the price of the ticket for Ben.

When we got to Slinky Action Zone is was half price Mondays, so I was able to get all of my kids in for $8. Also we were able to play laser tag for half price. There was 6 of them and they only paid $15 and then the four oldest cousins did bumber cars for $5. It was really a great deal and a great deal of fun! haha

Samantha going down the slide

Oh, I almost forgot, I asked Jessica to make dinner Sunday night. She is an awesome cook and I knew should would whip up something delicious. She made a chicken breast stuffed with stove top stuffing and a mushroom and rosemary gravy, steamed broccoli and this dessert that was just to dye for. I don't even know what it was called, something like a beesting cake. If your interested I will try and get the recipe from her.

Monday night we got a babysitter for all the kids and headed to the local Japanese Steak House. We had a blast! I got a great picture of Erik catching a piece of chicken in his mouth. Look closely

We got Sarah to try shrimp for the first time in her life! I don't think she liked it very much!

Look at Megans face, she looks like she is worried about Sarah

I just love this picture of Don and I!

Finally, a cute picture of my niece Mickaela. I had never met her until this visit and she is a complete doll.

Thanks all for coming and making the sacrafices you did to visit. I can't wait to see you all again soon! Love you all!