Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emma Bemma Turns 7!

Emmas birthday is today and she is just our sweet, loving and helpful child. She is always willing to do whatever is needed to be done. Emma is almost done with 1st grade and she is really looking forward to 2nd grade. Her reading has really taken off this year and unlike her mom, she is going to be great at math!

Emma is a spitting image of her dad! She has his sense of humor and is always trying to make us laugh. She likes to call everyone 'losers', even though I can't stand it. She doesn't find it in anyway a put down, she thinks its funny and that everyone should laugh she she says it. She is our social butterfly always making plans for playdates.

This past year she has really started to love reading the scriptures and enjoys learning Bible
and Book of Mormon stories.

The next photos will show you a little about Emmas personality.

We love you Emma and our family just wouldn't be the same without you!

Memorial Day Weekend

Our weekend started with a wedding on Saturday. This was not just any wedding, this was the wedding of Ray and Laurel! Two dear friends of ours who we are so happy for. Ray is a co-worker of Dons and started asking questions about the Church a year and half ago while they were in training together. It started something like this..."Tell me about those magic underwear." Don took full advantage of that and continued to slowly talk to Ray about the Gospel. Don stays 1 night a week away from home in Winchester, VA which is 1/1/2 hours away from our house, but is where Ray lives. When Don stays in Winchester, he goes to dinner with Ray. One night as they were leaving dinner and heading to their individual cars, Don asked Ray if he had watched the Restoration DVD yet. He said he had not, so Don suggested he come over and watch it. While they were watching the DVD the doorbell rang and you will never guess who it was...the missionaries!! Coincendence, I think not!

Ray was baptized last November and has been the model convert that every Bishop prayers for. Shortly after, I ran into an old friend(Laurel) who has been through alot in the last 3 years. Her husband told her toward the end of her 4th pregnancy that he had never loved her and had reconnected with an old girlfriend through MySpace and was leaving her!! 2 months after she had her baby, he left and divorced her. Jerk! After talking with her, I began to think that I should introduce the two of them. Ray is 40 years old and has never been married and really loves kids and is great with kids. She is 37 and I really felt they would be great for each other. They went on their first date in January to a "Why I Believe Fireside" at the Washington DC Temple. He even stood up and bore his testimony! The rest is history and they were married Saturday on a 200 year old farm in Virginia and the setting was beautiful!

Laurel came down those stairs of the old farm house and her kids met her at the bottom, it was so sweet!

Ray could not stop smiling! And when the Bishop was reciting the vows for Ray to repeat, he just kept nodding his head, like he was soooo ready to say yes! It was just beautiful. They will sealed to one another in November, on his 1 year anniversary of his baptism.

On Sunday we headed to the river lot that Dons family has along the Potomac River near Harpers Ferry, WV. The kids always have alot of fun and we really enjoy hanging out with family and fishing.

Dons mom, Libby

Don's sister, Stephanie

Emma, being her silly self

Don's dad, Donnie holding Chase
Don took all of these pictures and he has become quite the photographer. We stayed the night at the river Sunday and headed home on Monday. We were so exhausted from our weekend that we didn't do anything but hang out at home on Monday. It was nice to have a day to relax before going back to school and work. I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend too!

I Never Thought I Would Do This...

...Have a pet! 2 that is!

A new family moved into our Ward and they invited us over for dinner. When we got there they offered up a couple of 8 week old kittens! I think they had an alterior motive in their dinner invitation, what do you think?? Anyway, we came home with 2 kittens(female) and I really have no idea what to do for them??? Do I need to take them to the vet? Can I feed them wet food or just stick with dry food? When they fight are they just playing or should I be concerned that the bigger one is hurting the runt?

This is Cupcake

This is Caramel