Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sally's Dance Recital 2010

We survived our first dance recital! Both girls did tap numbers and we had 1 night of dress rehearsal and 2 nights for the recital. They enjoyed getting flowers from their dad and especially enjoyed getting to put on lots of makeup and get their hair done up. They looked soooo cute!

The girls did a wonderful job and I was so proud of them for having the desire to get up on stage and perform what they have been working on all year! Neither of them had any regrets, remorse, or stage fright, it was great! I wanted to post the video of both of their performances but after waiting 45 mintues and it still hadn't finished loading, I changed my mind. I hope you enjoy some pictures of the girls in their costumes before their recital.

Great Job Leah and Emma, we are so proud of you!


Sarah Moran said...

Hooray for Emma and Leah! They look so cute and I'm glad that they weren't too scared to get up and do a great job.

Joel and Chelsey said...

How cute are your girls!!! I love the pose on the front porch. They are adorable!