Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emma Bemma Turns 7!

Emmas birthday is today and she is just our sweet, loving and helpful child. She is always willing to do whatever is needed to be done. Emma is almost done with 1st grade and she is really looking forward to 2nd grade. Her reading has really taken off this year and unlike her mom, she is going to be great at math!

Emma is a spitting image of her dad! She has his sense of humor and is always trying to make us laugh. She likes to call everyone 'losers', even though I can't stand it. She doesn't find it in anyway a put down, she thinks its funny and that everyone should laugh she she says it. She is our social butterfly always making plans for playdates.

This past year she has really started to love reading the scriptures and enjoys learning Bible
and Book of Mormon stories.

The next photos will show you a little about Emmas personality.

We love you Emma and our family just wouldn't be the same without you!


Nanette said...

She does look a lot like Don. She is such a cutie! Happy Birthday to her.

Sarah Moran said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping that you had a great day!

Bonna Keckley said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Megan Passey said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I'm sorry I didn't get a card out to you! We'll have to hang out when you get here in the summer. I miss you!

Melanie said...

Emma must be a fun girl if she has Don's humor! She is at such a fun age. Happy birthday Emma!