Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Christmas!!

Christmas morning 2010 was just wonderful! The kids were all excited, of course! Santa did a great job this, if I do say so myself!

Treys highlight was his Madden 11 game for Wii; Emma was excited for her American Girl doll. All Leah kept asking for were Twinkle Toes. Do you all know what they are? They are shoes. Bright, sparkly shoes. Chase's big gift was a Thomas the Tank Engine Train set with the 'Shake, Shake Bridge'

Don and I love seeing the faces of our sweet children on Christmas morning! It definitely makes all the running around during the month of December worth it.
Trey opening his new shoes

Emma was so cute in her new jammies

Leah opening her Twinkle Toes (don't mind my dorky face!)

Chase got a lot of Wonder Pet toys
(they are so hard to find, but he loves them!)

We head down to Don's parents house on Christmas Day in the afternoon. The presents were a lot better this year. I don't like having all the cousins just ripping through their gifts and not seeing what people are getting. Mostly because then I don't know what my kids got and then I have no idea whose stuff is whose when we get ready to leave and I am trying to pack up the car! I know, silly, but it's due to my OCD. haha!

This is my niece, Hailey. Emma had her name this year and got her this awesome hat

This is my nephew, Hunter

And this is my nephew, Gavin. Isn't he cute??

We all had a wonderful Christmas! Don and I usually just fill each others stockings. This year Don got me the sweetest card. It was a Thomas Kincade card. When you pushed a button on the front, the windows on the house lit up. It was so beautiful. But what was more beautiful, was the message that Don left for me. He related the lights on the house to the way I light up his life and the light that I have given to him to be a better person. It was so sweet and probably one of the best presents he has ever given me.

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