Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I got an email from my Dad wondering if Treys band concert was the latest thing to happen in our family?? HaHa, very funny, Dad! So I got the hint, but this year has been very busy with sickness on my part. I got strep throat in January, which resulted in me going to the dermatologist in March to figure out the scaly spots all over my body, then a really crampy woman thing(*wink *wink) in April, so I went to the doctors about that, which resulted in a cyst on my ovary and a 1cm nodule on my Thyroid that I now have to have biopsied(is that a word??) Anyway, all is well, this year has just really flown by.

So I will try to Ket-chup, or katch-up or catch-up! Whatever it will be, stay tuned!!

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