Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Mommy and Daddy came to visit!

Thanks to Emma turning 8, we had a nice visit by my Mommy and Daddy!! And would you believe, I didn't get a single picture of them while they were here :( They drove across the country in 2 days! They had 3 drivers so they were just able to drive and drive and drive!! My mom helped me get things ready for Emmas baptism and my Dad put up a shelf in the basement and got me started on re-caulking my bathtub. We went on a hike to the Paw Paw tunnel and the kids really enjoyed going through the tunnel with flashlights. My mom, Sarina, Becca and I went shopping all day at the outlets. It just wouldn't be a trip to my house without a stop at the outlets!
Ben and Trey
Ben and Chase
(They had so much fun together during this visit!)

Ben and Sarina stayed in a hotel with a pool, so we took advantage of that one night. We got milkshakes late one night and stayed up playing cards.
Emma was being a fountain, not sure if you can see the water she is spitting out of her mouth

This is my beautiful niece, Avery!

I love having family come to visit and hope that one day we will live close enough to them to spend more time together. So until then, I will take more pictures so I have them as our memories.


The Van Tassells said...

Yay! Family is the best! I'm so glad you got to visit with them and baptize your little girl! I can't believe she's eight!!!

Lindsey said...

I can't find your email so I hopped over to your blog. My swimsuit is from Target - I got it back in January (in AZ where suits are out all year long :)

Cute family!

shawni said...

Hey, you wrote about Gilbert on my blog...we live here! Send me your email address and any questions you may have. sepphotography at gmail dot com.