Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess who is a double-digit midget??

Trey turned 10 and is officially a 'double-digit-midget' This is starting to make me feel old having a child who is 10!! It's crazy. Trey really didn't want a birthday party this year, but he did invite some of his closest friends over for a sleepover. He has had 2 great buddies since pre-k. They are Eli and Ralphie. The 3 of them get along so well and there is no jealously or drama like my girls have with their friends (what is up with that anyway?? They are in kindergarten and 2nd grade, I didn't think this started so early??)

Trey has been obsessed with Nerf guns this year. All he wanted for his birthday was Nerf guns, and alot of them, so when his friends come over, they can have gun battles. Don headed to Toys r Us and they were having a sale on the Nerf products of buy one get one half off. So he loaded up the cart. I don't know who was more excited, Trey or Don, haha.

Okay, maybe Trey was more excited than Don!!

Happy 10th Birthday Trey!


Nanette said...

I can't believe he is so old. I remember going to a baby shower for him. Happy Birthday to him!

The Willdens said...

Happy Birthday trey! I remember when he was born and the shower too!!! That makes me feel old!