Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emmas Baptism

Emma and Daddy before her baptism

Emma turned 8 on June 1st and we had her baptism on June 2nd. She had so many friends and family come. My mom and dad, my brother Ben and his wife Sarina and my sister Becca and her sweet daughter Avery, all came from Utah! She had 3 friends come from school and many church friends.

In our Church, children are baptized when they turn 8. It is called the "age of accountability." At this age, they know right from wrong and can make decisions on their own. She has been counting down the months and then days until her special day!!

Her Gram and Grandpa gave talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Her Uncle Ben was a witness and her Aunt Sarina and Becca gave prayers. Trey and I sang "I like to look for Rainbows" and he did a great job. That boy has a wonderful voice and was really excited to surprise his sister with our duet.
Emma and her Uncle Ben

A special moment between us happened when I took her through the restroom to the baptismal font. I gave her a hug and told her how proud I was of her and she said that she had been waiting for this day for so long and couldn't believe it was finally here! It was the sweetest thing and I told her that she would remember this day for the rest of her life.

After the baptism, we had a dinner for the guests. Emma requested a cake that was like a wedding cake with tiers. A sweet lady in our Ward made this wonderfully yummy cake!

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ohmylanta said...

It has been forever since I have looked through your blog. I need to get your blog address programed on my page.

I love love love the baptism cake. So cute that your daughter requested it. I think it is a fun idea. We may have to start doing that! :)

13 years for you too huh? Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes. Our kids are all growing up so fast!

Take care,