Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't you wish you were here???

So at the last measure, we were at 27"!!! I don't think I have ever seen this much snow! We headed out this morning to shovel and the snow was literally up to my mid-thigh! We almost lost Chase a couple of times and we are very sore from all the shoveling.

Don measured this morning at 9:30 at it was at 21"

So the forecast is for more snow, maybe 6-11" more on Tuesday and then another snowstorm next Friday!! I am now regretting making fun of all the people at the grocery store with a cart full of toilet paper, haha. I guess I will see you all in the Summer!


Joel and Chelsey said...

We are right there with you! Poor Joel had to do most of the shovelling by himself. I could only help for a little while before I pooped out. I'm wondering if the kids will EVER go back to school! Watch for pics on our blog--I'm updating later today.

Sarah Moran said...

Actually I do wish I was there! Hopefully by the time I get there next month the snow will have melted. Love you.

Charissa & Don Bishop said...

But I hope it doesn't melt right into our basement!!

ohmylanta said...

That kind of snow is SO awesome! Hopefully you own a snowblower. Do they cancel school for snow like that?

Hey..... are you guys in Maryland?

Charissa & Don Bishop said...

Jocelyn-we don't have school today and they had a scheduled day off on Wed for parent conf. So I don't think they will be back in school until Thurs. But we are supposed to get another 6-10 inches tomm. night, so who knows! Yes, we live in Maryland