Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween pumpkin carving and Trick-O-Treating

So here is the mandatory pumpkin carving and trick or treating post. We always have the missionaries from our church over for dinner and then to carve pumpkins. It's always interesting to see how competitive the missionaries get when carving a pumpkin.

Elder Davis is making plans for their pumpkin and Elder Hill is carving it.

I don't think Don or I were really into the carving thing this year, we decided to make homemade pizza for dinner and it was alot more work then we had anticipated, so we let the kids just do their own thing, with supervision of course.(man that was a long sentence!) So what we got was the simple triangle eyes and nose with a jagged mouth, but the kids loved doing it themselves.

Emma is always so goofy

I just realized that I didn't get a picture of Treys finished pumpkin!! Oh well, this one is pretty good.

So on to Halloween.

To relay the same sentiments my sister Sarah had, "This was the week that never ended!" We had 3 Halloween parties, the school party and parade, the Cumberland parade that Emma and Trey were in for football. They had a float in the parade for the Cumberland Raiders. Trunk or Treat Friday night and then trick or treating in our neighborhood on Saturday night. So we had several days of getting dressed up. Here are the pics of the kids:

Emma as a 50's/poodle skirt girl

Leah as a flapper

Chase was a gorilla

So Trey came up with his own costume this year and he said he was a vampire/goth guy?? Not so sure, but he looked scary.

So I do love comments, so maybe tell me what your kids dressed up as. Also, do you dress up? I have never really gotten into that, but I think next year I will. I think my kids would really love it.

Happy Halloween!


Becca said...

I was a jack-o-lantern because it worked with my stomach! I took a picture, but then dropped my camera and all the pictures were erased. I think I need a new camera now. You're kids all look cute and I think I used to have shoes like the ones Emma wore for her costume, do you remember?

Nanette said...

Trey looks so much like Don! Your kids look so cute in their costumes. My kids were Batman, A Knight, and a pea pod. To see pictures you can check out my blog. I just posted on it. We always dress up for Halloween and have a fun party at my parent's house.