Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We traveled to my sister Jessica's in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. It is a 7 hour drive and on the way down it took us about 9 hours because the traffic was crazy!! But we made it there and it was a really great trip.

I was determined to get a family picture taken by my niece Katie for our Christmas card. She is a really talented photographer and it was a nice fall day at the park.
We stayed at the park and played for a little while too.

My niece Katie



Dinner was awesome! I have said it before, but she is a wonderful cook. So I was surprised that she bought Bob Evans mashed potatoes and didn't make her own. They were great, I don't think I will ever make homemade mashed potatoes again.
The kids table

This is what happens after you eat Turkey (haha)

The spread! (Trey looks a little worried)

We also went to see the movie 'Tangled' when we were there. If you haven't seen this one, go see it!!

The drive home was much nicer than the drive there. Thanks for having us Otto Family!

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