Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy had a Birthday!

We got home from Utah just in time for Dons Birthday! I thought I would share some pictures of his special day!

Dons Lemon Cheesecake

Reading his homemade cards from the kids. They always love making cards for Dad on his birthday and Fathers Day.

Make a wish!
I know this is cheesy and a bad picture, but we always seem to take a picture of ourselves on each others birthday. So for posteritys sake, here you go!

Dons World Soccer Cup game for PS3 that he wanted.

I love that man and all he does and his sacrifice for our family! I know its not easy getting up and going to work everyday, but he does it without complaining. He is my spiritual rock and foundation and brings joy and laughter to my days! I love you!

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