Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Chase!

Chase is now 4 years old! My how the years have flown by! I can't believe my baby is 4! It almost makes me want another baby, almost!

He had 2 birthday parties this year and it really confused him. The first was shared with his cousin Sofia who also turns 4 in August. So we did their birthday party half way between each others birthdays. So at his birthday party, he wasn't actually 4 yet, that is what confused him. They decided that they wanted a Toy Story party.

Don't you just love the cake!!

I kept trying to get a good picture of Chase and Sofia together and this was the best one.

His next party was actually on his birthday. He wanted to invite some of his friends from preschool and the YMCA. He had Mathias, Lydia and Lakin over and we just did a backyard party. The weather is getting so nice here and the humidity is leaving us, yay!

Chase and Mathias

Chase and Laykin

Miss Lydia enjoying her cupcake

Blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you!

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Melanie said...

Love the cake! Birthdays were kind of confusing for Caleb when he was little. He and Dane share a birthday and sometimes (like when Dane was baptized) Caleb's birthday was suddenly the next day, or the day before.