Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Football and Cheerleading!!

So this year Trey decided to forego his usual fall soccer(he has done it the past 4 years) and proclaimed that he wanted to play football! Yes, football! Don was more than excited for this day to finally come! haha. Anyway, football started the first week of August with 4 night a week practices for 2 hours! It's crazy! The cheerleaders practice at the same time and Emma and Leah would sit over by them and watch and copy all the cheers. Emma had some friends from school on the squad too. The second week of practice started and once again, Emma and Leah are watching the cheerleaders. The advisor came up to me and asked if Emma wanted to cheer due to some girls that had quit. So she is doing that and really enjoys it.

Don was asked to be the assistant coach for Treys team and I am a cheerleading advisor for Emmas squad. It keeps us all busy, but I feel like this has been a great experience so far for our family. We all look forward to going to practice in the evenings and being together. Leah and Chase have made friends with younger siblings of football players and cheerleaders and enjoy taking their scooters and running around for 2 hours getting totally filthy and wearing them out!

Here is a picture of Trey and Emma in their uniforms. They play for the Cumberland Raiders.

Go Raiders!!

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